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Trust is the cornerstone of our foundation. We understand that trust is earned through consistent reliability, transparent communication, and unwavering dedication. As a team, we prioritize building and maintaining trust with our customers, agents, carriers, and the communities we serve.

Ken Pham

Senior Underwriter

Ken (Pham) holds an Automation Engineering B.S. from the Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology. His background spans information technology and software, further developed while he was working within the Department of Textiles at the Sumitomo Corporation Group in Japan.

Upon moving to the States, he signed on with Evergreen and has been here since 2002, helping with IT while developing his now more than two decades of experience in underwriting Property & Casualty.

Given that he’s multilingual (Vietnamese, English); outside of work, unsurprisingly, he loves delving into different languages (i.e. Japanese, Spanish) and was also in previous life a Japanese translator and teacher.

At Evergreen, success flows both ways.

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